This topic provides you with the additional resources for Tanzu Build Service (commonly known as TBS).

Concourse Kpack resource

The Concourse Kpack resource helps in the integration of Kpack in a Concourse based CI/CD pipeline. This Concourse resource is capable of triggering Image builds based on a commit SHA. The Git repo for the Concourse Kpack resource provides guidance on usage within a pipeline.

Note: The Kpack Image must be created within a TBS cluster before referring to it within a pipeline using the Concourse Kpack resource

Note: The Concourse Kpack resource currently only supports GKE and TKGI clusters

Helpful Articles

Helpful Videos

  • Introduction to Tanzu Build Service 1.0

    (September 22, 2020 - Tony Vetter)

    This covers the different components of TBS, the benefits it offers, and a demo of how TBS can auto update your application images for different reasons - Code update, Config change or Stack update.

Helpful Repositories

  • kpdemo -

    A tool to visualize and demo kpack.

    Demos include auto Image creation for Stack and Buildpack updates.

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