This topic tells you how to configure the descriptors of your Tanzu Build Service (commonly known as TBS).

About descriptors

Tanzu Build Service descriptors are curated sets of dependencies, including stacks and buildpacks, that are continuously released on VMware Tanzu Network to resolve all workload Critical and High CVEs. Descriptors are imported into Tanzu Build Service to update the entire cluster.

There are two types of descriptor, lite and full, available on the Tanzu Network Build Service Dependencies page. The different descriptors can apply to different use cases and workload types. For the differences between the descriptors, see Descriptor comparison.

You configure which descriptor is imported when installing Tanzu Build Service.

Lite descriptor

The Tanzu Build Service lite descriptor is the default descriptor selected if none is configured.

It contains a smaller footprint to speed up installation time. However, it does not support all workload types. For example, the lite descriptor does not contain the PHP buildpack.

The lite descriptor only contains the base stack. The default stack is installed, but is identical to the base stack. For more information, see Stacks.

Full descriptor

The Tanzu Build Service full descriptor contains more dependencies, which allows for more workload types.

The dependencies are pre-packaged so builds don’t have to download them from the Internet. This can speed up build times and allows builds to occur in airgapped environments.

The full descriptor contains the following stacks, which support different use cases:

  • base
  • default (identical to base)
  • full
  • tiny

For more information, see Stacks. Due to the larger footprint of full, installations might take longer.

Descriptor comparison

Both lite and full descriptors are suitable for production environments.

lite full
Faster installation time Yes No
Dependencies pre-packaged No Yes
Contains base stack Yes Yes
Contains full stack No Yes
Contains tiny stack No Yes
Supports Java workloads Yes Yes
Supports Node.js workloads Yes Yes
Supports Go workloads Yes Yes
Supports Python workloads Yes Yes
Supports .NET Core workloads Yes Yes
Supports PHP workloads No Yes
Supports Ruby workloads Yes Yes
Supports Web Servers workloads Yes Yes
Supports static workloads Yes Yes
Supports binary workloads Yes Yes
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