This topic gives you an overview of Tanzu Build Service (commonly known as TBS).


Tanzu Build Service uses the open-source Cloud Native Buildpacks project to turn application source code into container images. Build Service executes reproducible builds that align with modern container standards and keeps image resources up to date. It does so by leveraging Kubernetes infrastructure with kpack, a Cloud Native Buildpacks Platform, to orchestrate the image lifecycle. The kpack CLI tool, kp can aid in managing kpack resources.

Build Service helps you develop and automate containerized software workflows securely and at scale.

Build Service Concepts

Build Service reduces operational overhead and improves security by automating the building of application images. It relies on Image, Builder, ClusterStore, and ClusterStack to achieve these results.

Image Resource

An Image resource defines the source of the application, build time environment and registry destination. This source code could reside in git, a blobstore, or as code on a workstation.

For more information see the Managing Images and Builds page.


A Builder references the Stack and Buildpacks used in the process of building source code. They provide the Buildpacks that run against the application and the operating system (OS) images upon which the application is built and run.

For more information, see the Managing Builders page.


A ClusterStore serves as a repository for Cloud Native Buildpacks available for use in Builders. You can populate a store with Buildpacks you create and package.

For more information, see the Managing ClusterStores page.


A ClusterStack defines a pair of build and run OS images. Critical security vulnerabilities are addressed by building apps on the most up-to-date stack. The stacks used by Build Service to build applications are referenced in the Builders.

For more information, see the Managing ClusterStacks page.

Build Service components

Tanzu Build Service ships with the following components:

Build Service Dependencies


Tanzu Build Service utilize Tanzu Buildpacks.


Stack Documentation is available on the Tanzu Buildpacks documentation.

The following Stacks and their updates can be found on the Tanzu Build Service Dependencies page.

Name ID
tiny io.paketo.stacks.tiny
base io.buildpacks.stacks.bionic
full io.buildpacks.stacks.bionic
tiny-jammy io.paketo.stacks.jammy.tiny
base-jammy io.buildpacks.stacks.jammy
full-jammy io.buildpacks.stacks.jammy


Tanzu Build Service descriptors are curated sets of dependencies, including stacks and buildpacks, that are continuously released on VMware Tanzu Network to resolve all workload Critical and High CVEs. Descriptors are imported into Tanzu Build Service to update the entire cluster.

There are two types of descriptor, lite and full. The different descriptors can apply to different use cases and workload types. You can configure which descriptor is imported when installing Tanzu Build Service.

For more information, see Descriptors.

Updating Build Service Dependencies

Build Service allows the user to update Buildpacks and Stacks via the kp CLI. You can learn more about updating Build Service Dependencies here.


For troubleshooting failed builds, check the FAQ section of our docs.

If you are unable to resolve your problem, please contact Tanzu VMware Support.

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