This topic describes how to upgrade Tanzu Cloud Service Broker for AWS. The following sections have information about upgrading to v1.4.0.

Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition

The following sections describe changes for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition.

Unsecured connections from the broker are no longer supported

Cloud Service Broker for AWS connections to Aurora PostgreSQL instances must use TLS encryption. For bind and unbind to work, the AWS certificate bundle must be installed in Ops Manager.

Upgrade procedure

To upgrade the Cloud Service Broker for AWS to a later version:

  1. Download the new version of Cloud Service Broker for AWS from VMware Tanzu Network.
  2. Follow the procedure in Installing with AWS to configure the tile.
  3. If you are upgrading to a version later than v1.0, service instances might need to be upgraded. Before installing the new version, see Upgrade All Service Instances Config.
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