How often does the tile collect?

There are two instances of collection. One instance by the collector CLI and the other by the Centralizer machine. The collector CLI collects static configuration information about your foundation, and the Centralizer collects CAPI and ODB event data.

The Centralizer will send event logs every hour by default. Collection time is determined by the flush_interval property. The Collector collects data on a daily schedule. The collector schedule respects the collector_cron_schedule property. This property is set to a random cron schedule on tile deploy.

How can I see my foundation’s schedule?

Your foundation’s cron schedule can be found on the centralizer machine. The cron schedule exists within a crontab file.

bosh -d $(bosh deployments --column=name | grep "pivotal-telemetry-om") ssh
sudo cat /var/vcap/jobs/telemetry-collector/config/telemetry-collector-cron

How to manually collect from the tile

SSH onto the deployed centralizer machine:

bosh -d $(bosh deployments --column=name | grep "pivotal-telemetry-om") ssh

Run the following command to initiate a collect and send:

sudo /var/vcap/jobs/telemetry-collector/bin/telemetry-collect-send /var/vcap/jobs/telemetry-collector/config/collect.yml

How do I see non-obscured CVE ID

While it is a product we send externally, we recommend speaking to your VMware account team about seeing CVE IDs.

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