• Builds the tile using Jammy stemcell by default.


  • Unpins the stemcell dependency minor version.


  • Bumps dependency versions


  • Bug-fix: Make sure file permissions are always set correctly in pre-start script.


  • Treat proxy settings as secret to prevent them being exposed in the Bosh manifest.


  • Bumps dependencies to address CVE-2023-32731, CVE-2022-27191, and CVE-2021-4356.
  • New Features:
    • Collect Operational Data Only
    • You no longer need to opt in to the CEIP program in order to collect just data about cores and AIs
    • When Operational Data is collected, it pulls Core Counts data from Tanzu Operations Manager
    • While the tile works in all versions of Tanzu Operations Manager 2.10 and later, core counts are only present in Tanzu Operations Manager 2.10.58 and later.
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