This topic describes the changes in VMware Tanzu Operations Manager (Ops Manager) v3.0 that might be relevant to partner service tiles.

For information about changes introduced in Ops Manager v3.0, see Ops Manager v3.0 Release Notes. For information about breaking changes introduced in VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs v3.0, see Breaking Changes.


There are no changes in Ops Manager v3.0 that directly affect tile development for partners.

Known Issues

Known issues in this release that may affect tile development for partners:

Non-Configurable Certificates Are Invalid Within a Selector

An rsa_cert_credentials property with configurable: false is invalid within a selector property.

The tile does not raise any validation errors, but the following error appears during the pre-deploy check:

  "pre_deploy_check": {
    "properties": [
        "name": ".properties.EXAMPLE-CERT-PROPERTY",
        "type": "rsa_cert_credentials",
        "errors": [
          "can't be blank",
          "can't be blank"

Where EXAMPLE-CERT-PROPERTY is the property you specify.

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