You can use the Uhana by VMware machine learning to determine if the cause of poor downlink throughput is related to a load imbalance of antenna frequencies for optimum use of spectrum.

This topic describes the workflow to view data on the Alerts page to find specific symptoms, like poor downlink throughput, and view root cause and impact analysis data about that data.

  1. Select Focus. The Alerts page displays with the map showing any red alerts indicating problems. There is also a dashboard summarizing current alert details and a table with alert details.
  2. To sort the alert detail columns, select the heading to change the alpha-numeric sort.
  3. To check the percent of cells affected by the alert condition, view or sort the Percent Impacted column.
  4. To view a specific alerts details such as Visibility or Insights, click the icon.

    For Visibility, a separate window displays. If available, click the Insights icon to view the root cause and any recommendations.

  5. Use the Visibility and Insight pages to complete your analysis and act on any recommendations.

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