To view map cell detail, hover over the cell band.

Map cell detail

The cell popup includes several key details you can use to locate cells you are researching.

Name Description
1 - Map View
Cell Unique name you provide.
Cell ID Global and physical identifiers for this cell band.
Site Unique identifier for a specific location.
eNodeB Unique identifier.
Band An interval on the frequency spectrum that defines associated channel bandwidths.
TAC Tracking area code specific to a group of sites, used by a node.
EARFCN E-UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number.
Max TX Power Maximum transmission power for the network element.
Antenna Name Unique name assigned to base station equipment.
2 - Map Summary
Summarized key cell details including cell and eNodeB links to Feed Health. To navigate to the LTE cell or eNodeB health details link, click the link icon.
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