To add an additional layer of security and integrate your SSO, you must provide the following information about your OpenID Connect compatible authorization system.

To access your single sign-on, click Login with SSO on the login page.

This is the only protocol supported by the Uhana by VMware platform. Additional protocols will be available in the future.

Option Description Value
enable_openid_connect SSO provider authentication page. Click Login with SSO to be redirected to this url. true/false
openid_connect_auth_url SSO provider authentication page. Click Login with SSO to get redirected to this custom URL.
openid_connect_client_id Client id provisioned by SSO provider. Custom client ID
openid_connect_client_secret Client secret provisioned by SSO provider.
openid_connect_redirect_url URL SSO provider redirects to after login is successful.
openid_connect_proxy Company-specific proxy settings Custom HTTP proxy URL.
openid_connect_token_url SSO provider URL to request the user's ID token. The ID token contains user information based on the data provided.
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