Download the AP-Log file from the support settings in admin UI. The ZIP file contains all logs from your Unified Access Gateway appliance.

Set the Logging Level

You can manage the log level settings from the admin UI. Go to the Support Settings page and select Log Level Settings. The log levels that can be generated are INFO, WARNING, ERROR, and DEBUG. The logging level is set by default to INFO.

A description of the type of information that the log levels collect follows.

Table 1. Logging Levels


Type of Information Collected


The INFO level designates information messages that highlight the progress of the service.


The ERROR level designates error events that might still allow the service to continue running.


The WARNING level designates potentially harmful situations but are usually recoverable or can be ignored.


Events that would generally be useful to debug problems. You can enable the debug mode to view or manipulate the internal state of the appliance. The debug mode lets you test the deployment scenario in your environment.

Collect Logs

Download the log ZIP files from the Support Settings section of the admin UI.

These log files are collected from the /opt/vmware/gateway/logs directory on the appliance.

The following tables contain descriptions of the various files included in the ZIP file.

Table 2. Files That Contain System Information to Aid in Troubleshooting

File Name



Contains information about disk space usage.


Contains information about network connections.


Contains the current configuration settings for the Unified Access Gateway appliance.


Includes a process listing.


Contains information about network interfaces.


Contains information about memory usage.

Table 3. Log Files for Unified Access Gateway

File Name



Contains log messages from the Edge Service Manager process, which listens on ports 443 and 80.


Contains log messages from the AuthBroker process, which handles authentication adapters.


Contains log messages from the process that provides the Unified Access Gateway REST API on port 9443.


Contains log messages related to the data layer that is used to store Unified Access Gateway configuration information.


Contains log messages from the tunnel process that is used as part of XML API processing.


Contains log messages from the Blast Secure Gateway.


Contains log messages from the PCoIP Secure Gateway.

The log files that end in "-std-out.log" contain the information written to stdout of various processes and are usually empty files.

Unified Access Gateway Log Files for AirWatch

  • /var/log/airwatch/tunnel/vpnd

    The tunnel-init.log and tunnel.log are captured from this directory.

  • /var/log.airwatch/proxy

    The proxy.log is captured from this directory.

  • /var/log/airwatch/appliance-agent

    The appliance-agent.log is captured from this directory.