Unified Access Gateway 2111.2 | 25 JAN 2022

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What's New

VMware Unified Access Gateway 2111.2 provides the following updates.

  • Fixes for several specific defects identified since the previous release. Refer to the Resolved Issues section for more details. If you are not affected by any of the issues listed in the Resolved Issues section, then there is no need to upgrade from the previous 2111.1 version.

  • Updates to Photon OS package versions and inclusion of Apache log4j-core version 2.17.1 in the authbroker component. These Photon OS and log4j-core version updates are included for compliance purposes only and do not resolve any known vulnerabilities that impact Unified Access Gateway.


The Unified Access Gateway user interface, online help, and product documentation are available in Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean. For the complete documentation, go to the Documentation Center.

Compatibility Notes

For more information about the compatiblity of Unified Access Gateway with other VMware products, see VMware Product Interoperability Matrix.

Lifecycle Support Policy

For information about the Unified Access Gateway Lifecycle Support policy, see this knowledge base article.

Installation and Upgrade

To download the Unified Access Gateway, see the Product Download page.

Technical Resources

There are several resources that help you learn and understand Unified Access Gateway. For more information, see these information resources.

Known Issues

  • Deploying FIPS version of Unified Access Gateway 2111.x with Certificate Auth fails because Smart Card Authentication is not available on FIPS version 2111(.x) of Unified Access Gateway.

    Resolution: Use the 2203 FIPS version.

  • Accessing the 2111(.x) FIPS Unified Access Gateway admin interface on https://uag1.example.com:9443/admin might fail if a hostname is used in the browser URL. The issue is related to SSL Server certificate handling.

    Workaround: Use an IPv4 address in the browser URL instead of a hostname.

    Resolution: Use the 2203 FIPS version.

Resolved Issues

  • Horizon RADIUS or RSA SecurID authentication failed when using Horizon Client versions 2111 (or newer) with UAG 2111 and 2111.1 UAG Horizon Edge Service was configured with the default passthrough authentication and the Horizon broker (Connection Server) was configured to perform RADIUS or RSA SecurID authentication. For more information, see https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/87253.

  • esmanager.log logged the exception "java.lang.NumberFormatException: Character N is neither a decimal digit number, decimal point, nor "e" notation exponential mark" on the monitoring thread of Unified Access Gateway when Workspace ONE UEM Tunnel was enabled. The health response for Unified Access Gateway did not show Unified Access Gateway services as "Healthy" though it was in healthy state.

  • Workspace ONE UEM Tunnel repeatedly logged the message "ERROR: MultiPageAllowListManager: key error_code unknown and ignored" in tunnel.log.

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