This section covers about the various updates that are released for Unified Access Gateway.

Every new version of Unified Access Gateway uses updated Photon, Java, and other components with all recent security updates applied. VMware strongly recommends you to stay up-to-date with Unified Access Gateway versions to take advantage of security updates and other improvements.

Note: Release Notes describes the product updates and published for every release in the Unified Access Gateway Documentation page. For more information about the release updates, see Release Notes on VMware Docs.

Standard Releases

Currently, new versions of Unified Access Gateway are released every quarter (approximately 4 times in a year). New releases include functional updates, security updates, improvements, bug fixes, and updates to OS package versions.

Version numbering of Unified Access Gateway uses a simple YYMM format indicating the year and month of release. For example, version 2207 indicates it was released in July 2022.

Maintenance Releases

VMware might also release an interim maintenance version to address a critical security vulnerability that applies to Unified Access Gateway, or to address a critical defect.

Version numbering of Unified Access Gateway maintenance releases uses the YYMM format with a dot (.) and an incrementing number. For example, maintenance releases might be 2207.1, 2207.2, meaning it is a maintenance release for Unified Access Gateway 2207.

Critical OS Patch Updates

VMware might authorize the update of one or more OS packages to rectify a critical vulnerability that affects a specific version of Unified Access Gateway and for which no viable workaround is available.

Configure Automatic Check

Starting with Unified Access Gateway version 2009, a new capability is available for the administrator to configure an automatic check for any authorized package updates. By default, this capability is deactivated. Administrator can activate this capability for dynamic package download and update at next boot time. Either set to check and apply required updates once at next boot time, or configure to check and apply required updates at every boot. For more information about these settings, see Configure Unified Access Gateway to Automatically Apply Authorized OS Updates section in the Deploying and Configuring VMware Unified Access Gateway Guide on VMware Docs. This allows the administrator to schedule this update for a time that would not involve disruption of the running services. Authorized updates are rare and only made available for Photon and application packages that would address critical security or stability issues that apply in the context of the particular Unified Access Gateway version.

Note: This feature is rarely used. Non critical updates and updates that are not required on Unified Access Gateway are not available for dynamic download but instead batched and released as part of the quarterly Unified Access Gateway releases or the next maintenance release.