Use this command to reset the admin access settings to defaults and restart the admin service. This command allows you to recover the Unified Access Gateway admin portal when the portal cannot be accessed due to misconfiguration of settings like TLS ciphers, admin SAML Authentication.

This command resets the following admin access settings to defaults.

  • TLS settings - ciphers, protocol, signature schemes, and named groups.
  • TLS Certificate - admin TLS certificate is replaced with a new self-signed certificate.
  • SAML login for the admin - if this setting is configured, deactivates the admin SAML login and reverts to password login.


  1. Log in to Unified Access Gateway console with configured user (usually root).
  2. Enter the following command to reset the admin access settings.
    Note: If a non-root administrator is configured for Unified Access Gateway OS login, run the command with sudo. For example, sudo adminreset.
  3. Enter y to confirm.
    Note: Alternatively, use the resetadmin -f command to forcefully reset all admin access settings, without prompting for confirmation.


The admin reset is completed successfully.
Note: You can set the admin password using adminpwd command. See Reset the Admin Password using the Unified Access Gateway Console.