When you initially deploy Unified Access Gateway, Active Directory password authentication is set up as the default. Users enter their Active Directory user name and password and these credentials are sent through to a back-end system for authentication.

You can configure the Unified Access Gateway service to perform Certificate/Smart Card authentication, RSA SecurID authentication, and RADIUS authentication.
  • Only one of the two factor user authentication methods can be specified for an Edge Service. In addition, Unified Access Gateway allows fallback authentication with a combination of Smart Card certificate and RADIUS authentication. Initially, UAG attempts to authenticate using Smart Card. If a certificate is not found, it will fall back to RADIUS authentication.
  • Password authentication with Active Directory is the only authentication method that can be used with a deployment.
  • You can modify a previously configured authentication setting. However, the authentication setting cannot be disabled. For example, if you have configured RADIUS authentication previously, you cannot disable the configuration. Instead, the authentication method can be changed to a different method such as Passthrough.