Unified Access Gateway communicates with Workspace ONE Intelligence to send Unified Access Gateway-specific and edge services-related data to Workspace ONE Intelligence. By using the data settings configuration page, a connection setting can be enabled for sending data to Workspace ONE Intelligence at regular intervals.

For example: Unified Access Gateway can now send data to Workspace ONE Intelligence about different application IDs, user names, destination hostnames, ports, and so on, connected through VMware Tunnel at specific time intervals.

Administrators can use the Unified Access Gateway data sent to Workspace ONE Intelligence to understand how Unified Access Gateway and the edge services on Unified Access Gateway are used. Administrators can also create custom reports to understand the behavior of clients connected to Unified Access Gateway through the edge services.


You must have already added and configured the connection by using the Workspace ONE Intelligence Connection Settings window. For more information, see Configure Workspace ONE Intelligence Connection Settings.


  1. In the Configure Manually section of the Unified Access Gateway admin console, click Select.
  2. In the Advanced Settings section, click the Workspace ONE Intelligence Data Settings gearbox icon.
  3. To enable sending data for the desired connection setting, toggle the Opt In/Opt Out button to OPT IN.
    By default, the value is OPT OUT.
  4. Select the connection name.
  5. In the Update Interval field, enter the maximum time period at which the data is sent from Unified Access Gateway to Workspace ONE Intelligence.
    Note: If the local cache is filled up and reaches its maximum size before the scheduled interval, Unified Access Gateway will immediately post the data to Workspace ONE Intelligence.
    • Time period is in seconds.
    • Values can be between 10 seconds and 86400 seconds.
    • Default value is 300 seconds (five minutes).
    • If value is 0, data is posted to Workspace ONE Intelligence once for every Enabled state of Workspace ONE Intelligence settings on the Unified Access Gateway.

What to do next

  1. Configure VMware Tunnel.

    See ConfigureVMware Tunnel Settings for Workspace ONE UEM

    Important: If you have already configured VMware Tunnel, you must enable and save the Tunnel settings again.
  2. Access the Unified Access Gateway dashboard on the Workspace ONE Intelligence console to view the data sent by Unified Access Gateway to Workspace ONE Intelligence.