Multiple Unified Access Gateway are configured with the same Horizon settings and High Availability is enabled on each Unified Access Gateway .

There is a common external hostname used for XML API protocol. This common external hostname is mapped to the floating IP configured in HA settings on the nodes of Unified Access Gateway. The desktop traffic does not use high availability and the load is not distributed, hence this solution requires N + 1 VIP for Horizon where N is the number of Unified Access Gateway nodes deployed. On each Unified Access Gateway, the Blast, PCoIP, and Tunnel external URL must be external IP addresses or host names mapping to the corresponding Unified Access Gateway eth0 IP address. Clients that connect through a poor network and use the UDP connection for XML API arrives at the same Unified Access Gateway that was handed the first UDP XML API connection.

Figure 1. Unified Access Gateway Configured with Horizon
UAG supports deployment in a HA configuration where in a cluster of UAGs automatically load balance incoming requests

Mode and Affinity: The affinity is based on the source IP address. The first connection from the client is distributed using round robin mechanism. However subsequent connections from the same client are sent to the same Unified Access Gateway which handled the first connection.