After the Unified Access Gateway appliance is configured as the authentication agent in the RSA SecurID server, you must add the RSA SecurID configuration information to the Unified Access Gateway appliance.


  • Verify that RSA Authentication Manager (the RSA SecurID server) is installed and configured with Unified Access Gateway-specific information.
  • Ensure that you have obtained the access key from the RSA SecurID Authentication Manager server.
  • If you choose to use SSL certificates, you must have downloaded the required certificate from the RSA SecurID Authentication Manager server.


  1. In the Configure Manually section of the admin UI, click Select.
  2. In the General Settings, toggle the button to show the Authentication Settings.
  3. Click the RSA SecurID gearbox icon.
  4. Configure the RSA SecurID options and save this configuration.
    Option Action
    Enable RSA SecurID To enable the SecurID authentication, toggle the button.
    Number of Authentication Attempts Indicates the maximum number of authentication attempts allowed to RSA SecurID Authentication Manager.

    This is the maximum number of failed login attempts when using the RSA SecurID token. The default is 5 attempts.

    Note: When more than one directory is configured and you implement RSA SecurID authentication with additional directories, configure this option with the same value for each RSA SecurID configuration. If the value is not the same, SecurID authentication fails.
    Server Hostname Enter the host name of the RSA SecurID Authentication Manager server.

    The host name can be either an individual server hostname or a load balancer hostname supporting load balancing and high availability requirements amongst multiple RSA SecurID Authentication Manager servers.

    Port Number Enter the port number for communication between Unified Access Gateway and RSA SecurID Authentication API requests.

    By default, the port number is 5555.

    Access Key Enter the access key for RSA SecurID Authentication API requests.
    SSL Certificate Upload the SSL certificate of the RSA SecurID Authentication Manager server. Ensure to upload the certificate in .PEM format and include only the public key.
    Hostname of UAG Connector Instance Enter the host name or IP address of the Unified Access Gateway appliance as specified in the RSA Authentication Manager server's agent configuration.
    Timeout (seconds) Enter the time in seconds after which a SecurID authentication attempt to RSA SecurID Authentication Manager server times out.