SEG (Secure Email Gateway) provides authorization and compliance for EWS (Exchange Web Services) traffic used by ENS (VMware Email Notification Service).

You can also enable EWS proxy by configuring the Secure Email Gateway key-value pairs on the Workspace ONE UEM console. To use the key-value pairs, you must have the required Secure Email Gateway custom settings features (specific Windows and Unified Access Gateway versions). For more information, see the SEG Custom Gateway Settings in the Secure Email Gateway documentation.

By using the key-value pairs from the Workspace ONE UEM console, you can enable the EWS proxy for all Unified Access Gateway appliances at once.


  1. Connect to Unified Access Gateway Secure Email Gateway machine using Secure Shell.
  2. Edit the properties file with the following command
    vi /opt/vmware/docker/seg/container/config/override/
  3. Add the entry in file.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Save the SEG configuration on Unified Access Gateway Admin UI again.