The Blast Secure Gateway includes Blast Extreme Adaptive Transport (BEAT) networking, which dynamically adjusts to network conditions such as varying speeds and packet loss. In Unified Access Gateway, you can configure the ports used by the BEAT protocol.

Blast uses the standard ports TCP 8443 and UDP 8443. UDP 443 can also be used to access a desktop through the UDP tunnel server. The port configuration is set through the Blast External URL property.

Table 1. BEAT Port Options
Blast External URL TCP Port Used by Client UDP Port Used by Client Description 8443 8443 This form is the default and requires that TCP 8443, and optionally UDP 8443, to be opened at the firewall to allow the connections from the Internet to Unified Access Gateway 443 8443 Use this form when TCP 443 or UDP 8443 are required to be opened. xxxx 8443 xxxx yyyy

To configure ports other than the default, an internal IP forwarding rule must be added for the respective protocol when deployed. The forwarding rules might be specified on the deployment in the OVF template or through the INI files that are input through the PowerShell commands.