You can upload the Unified Access Gateway .vhd image to Azure.


  1. Obtain a Unified Access Gateway .vhd image file of the specific Unified Access Gateway version from VMware.
  2. Use the following example PowerShell commands to upload the .vhd image to the vhds container created earlier.
    $imageURI = "https://<storage_account_name>"
    $imagePath = "E:\UAGImages\euc-unified-access-gateway-"
    $location="<Azure regions names with availability zone support>"
    PowerShell 5:
    Set-Item -Path Env:\SuppressAzureRmModulesRetiringWarning -Value $true
    Add-AzureRmVhd -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroup -LocalFilePath $imagePath ` 
    -Destination $imageURI -NumberOfUploaderThreads 32
    PowerShell 7:
    Add-AzVhd -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroup -LocalFilePath $imagePath ` 
    -Destination $imageURI -NumberOfUploaderThreads 32
    The uploaded .vhd image is listed in the vhds container.

    For Availability Zone

    $location="uk south"

    PowerShell 5:

    $imageConfig = New-AzureRmImageConfig -Location $location
    Set-AzureRmImageOsDisk -Image $imageConfig -OsType Linux -OsState Generalized -BlobUri $imageURI
    New-AzureRmImage -Image $imageConfig -ImageName $imageName -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroup

    PowerShell 7:

    $imageConfig = New-AzImageConfig -Location $location
    $imageConfig = Set-AzImageOsDisk -Image $imageConfig -OsType Linux -OsState Generalized -BlobUri $imageURI
    $image = New-AzImage -ImageName $imageName -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroup -Image $imageConfig