The technical note describes the steps required to prepare the Google Cloud Platform environment before creating any Unified Access Gateway instances. PowerShell commands are used to deploy Unified Access Gateway 2103 or later to Compute Engine within Google Cloud Platform.

This documentation also provides the details of the .ini file that contains the configuration settings and shows how to run the PowerShell command, which is used to deploy Unified Access Gateway to Google Cloud Platform.

These are general guidelines for deploying Unified Access Gateway on the Google Cloud Platform.

The technical note assumes that you are familiar with Google Cloud Platform and Compute Engine concepts and have the necessary permissions to create or modify resources such as images, VPC network, subnet, firewall rules, and so on in the Google Cloud project.

For information about Unified Access Gateway, see the Deploying and Configuring VMware Unified Access Gateway documentation at VMware Docs. For information about the Google Cloud Platform and Compute Engine features, see the Google Cloud Platform documentation.

Table 1. Recommended Operating Systems and PowerShell Versions
Operating System Recommended OS Version PowerShell Version
Windows 10 5 and 7
Ubuntu 20.4 7