Unified Access Gateway 2306.1 | 31 AUG 2023

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VMware Unified Access Gateway appliance helps enable secure remote access for virtual desktops, internal sites, applications, and file repositories users. To learn more, see Unified Access Gateway Documentation.

VMware Unified Access Gateway Release Notes provides information about the new features and enhancements in each release. This page contains a summary of the new capabilities, issues resolved, and known issues that are reported in each version.

What's New

VMware Unified Access Gateway 2306.1 provides the following enhancements:

  • Support hostname based identifiers in SAML metadata and assertion. A new toggle Enable Host Based Issuer is added in the SAML Settings > SAML Identity Provider Settings to configure this feature.

Before You Begin

Resolved Issues

Note: The numbers included before the resolved issues are used by VMware's internal issue tracking system.

  • UAG-9624: Issue with revocation check causing rejection of valid backend server certificate when extended server certificate validation is enabled.

  • UAG-9598: When a Horizon desktop session is authenticated via TrueSSO, and the user locks the desktop and attempts to return to the desktop, the session fails to re-establish.

  • UAG-9651: If a session is idle for some time, Unified Access Gateway fails to extract the SAML artifacts from the JWT, which can cause applications to require re-authentication.

  • UAG-9655: RADIUS authentication sometimes prompts for password multiple times to complete the authentication.

  • PPAT-14796: Unable to access internal sites from apps using Tunnel SDK.

Known Issues

We have not identified any notable known issues in this release. If you are facing any problems, reach out to our support team.


Documentation for VMware Unified Access Gateway is located at VMware Docs.


The Unified Access Gateway user interface, online help, and product documentation are available in Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.

Support Contact Information

To receive support, access VMware Customer Connect. To learn more about the support policies, see Support Policies.

For information about filing a Support Request in Customer Connect and using Cloud Services Portal, see the VMware Knowledge Base (KB) article 2006985.

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