You might experience difficulty when you deploy the Endpoint Compliance Check Provider in your environment. You can use a variety of procedures for diagnosing and fixing problems with your deployment.

Note: Esmanager.log logs info about the MAC address of the device that is used for compliance check. This is useful in identifying the MAC address used for endpoint compliance check if the device has more than one NIC or switch to different networks.

Unified Access Gateway displays "Bad client credentials"

Unified Access Gateway makes the OPSWAT API call to validate the client-key and client secret provided. If the credentials are not correct then the settings are not saved, resulting in a
Bad client credentials

Verify that the correct client key and client secret are in the Username and Password fields.

To generate client credentials, register your application in the appropriate OPSWAT page. For more information, see OPSWAT documentation.

Unified Access Gateway displays "DNS is not able to resolve the host"

Use the ping command to discover the IP address for for your region.

Then, use the IP address from the ping command to create a /etc/hosts entry for Navigate to Horizon settings from the Admin UI and provide the value in Host Entries for the View edge service.

Unified Access Gateway displays "The request timed out while connecting to the host"

This can happen if the host entry of is configured incorrectly in UAG or does not accept the connect request.