You can use Unified Access Gateway to act as a bridge for Horizon Clients to connect to a back-end Horizon Connection Server or agent environment. In this scenario, Horizon Client and the Horizon Connection Server can be configured with different IP modes: IPv4 or IPv6 and conversely.

The Horizon back-end environment might consist of Connection Servers, agent desktops, or other server-side infrastructure.

IP Mode Combinations for Horizon Infrastructure

Horizon Client and Horizon Connection Server can have the following IP modes in the Horizon infrastructure:

Horizon Client Horizon Connection Server Supported
IPv4 IPv4 Yes
IPv6 IPv4 Yes
IPv6 IPv6 Yes
IPv4 IPv6 Yes
Note: When Horizon Client and Horizon Connection Server are configured with different IP modes (IPv4 or IPv6 and conversely), the Connection Server IP mode, a setting in the Unified Access Gateway Admin UI, can have one of the following values: same IP mode as the Horizon Connection Server or mixed mode (IPv4+IPv6).

For example: Horizon Client is configured with IPv4 and Horizon Connection Server is configured with IPv6, then the Connection Server IP mode can have either IPv6 or IPv4+IPv6 (mixed mode) values.

For more information about the Connection Server IP mode setting, see Configure Horizon Settings.

When the IP mode is bridged (IPv4 to IPv6 or IPv6 to IPv4), Unified Access Gateway does not support the following: Horizon Tunnel, PCoIP, or Blast UDP.
Note: The Blast External URL must be configured to use TCP port 443 or 8443.