After you deploy the OVF and the Unified Access Gateway appliance is powered on, log in to the Unified Access Gateway admin User Interface to configure the settings.


The first time you launch the Unified Access Gateway Admin console, you will be prompted to change the password you set when you deployed the appliance.

The General Settings and Advanced Settings pages include the following.

  • Unified Access Gateway system configuration and TLS server certificate

  • Edge service settings for Horizon, Reverse Proxy, and VMware Tunnel, and Content Gateway (also referred to as CG)

  • Authentication settings for RSA SecurID, RADIUS, X.509 Certificate, and RSA Adaptive Authentication

  • SAML identity provider and service provider settings

  • Network settings

  • Endpoint Compliance Check Provider settings

  • Identity Bridging setting configuration

The following options can be accessed from the Support Settings pages.

  • Download Unified Access Gateway log zip files

  • Export Unified Access Gateway settings to retrieve the configuration settings

  • Set the log level settings

  • Import Unified Access Gateway settings to create and update an entire Unified Access Gateway configuration