When certain Unified Access Gateway Admin UI settings are changed, the existing XMLAPI sessions (Unified Access Gateway sessions) might get terminated and so end users cannot access launched desktops and applications. The changed settings might affect only the launched desktops and applications or both XMLAPI and desktop or application sessions.

You must plan to change the Unified Access Gateway Admin UI settings during a maintenance window.

Admin UI Settings Affects existing Unified Access Gateway session Affects launched desktops and applications
Import Settings

You can use this Admin UI section to import the previously exported JSON file (from the previous deployment) to configure a newly deployed version of the Unified Access Gateway appliance.

Yes Yes
Horizon Settings
Enable PCOIP No Yes
Enable Blast No Yes
Enable UDP Tunnel Server No Yes
Enable Tunnel Yes Yes
Disable Horizon edge service Yes Yes
Authentication Settings
X.509 Certificate Yes Yes
System Configuration
Locale Yes Yes
Cipher Suites Yes Yes
Enable TLS 1.0 Yes Yes
Enable TLS 1.1 Yes Yes
Enable TLS 1.2 Yes Yes
Enable TLS 1.3 Yes Yes
Syslog URL Yes Yes
Syslog Audit URL Yes Yes
Cookies To Be Cached Yes Yes
Monitor Interval Yes Yes
Network Settings Yes Yes
High Availability Settings Yes Yes
TLS Server Certificate Settings (Internet facing interface only) Yes Yes