You can deploy Unified Access Gateway to Amazon AWS EC2 by using the uagdeployec2.ps1 PowerShell command.


  1. From the VMware Downloads page for Unified Access Gateway, download the following PowerShell scripts, uagdeployec2.ps1 and uagdeploy.psm1, on your Windows machine.
  2. Run the following command at the PowerShell terminal: uagdeployec2.ps1 <file_name>.ini.
    file_name is the name of your INI file.
    Note: If you receive an error message Error: Failed to deploy UAG - User data is limited to 16384 bytes, it means that the configuration data in your INI file is too large for Amazon AWS EC2 deployment. It is a known limitation which Amazon might increase in future.

    While this limit is in place, it might be necessary to reduce the amount of configuration data specified in your INI file. For example, you can check the SSL certificate files to see if unnecessary root or intermediate certificates can be removed. Alternately, if the SSL certficiates are not required during deployment, you can remove the certificates and upload the SSL certificates after deployment by using the Unified Access Gateway Admin UI.

What to do next

  1. Stop the Unified Access Gateway instance.
  2. Clear the userData value from the current instance of Unified Access Gateway by using the following command: edit-EC2InstanceAttribute -InstanceId i-12345678 -Attribute userData -Value "blank".
    Important: It is recommended to clear the userData value to avoid the password from being visible in cleartext on the AWS CLI.