Add a CA request template after you have added a Certificate Authority in the AirWatch console.


  1. You must have added a user template in the CA server.

  2. You must have added a CA in the AirWatch console.


  1. Log in to AirWatch console, go to All Settings and click Enterprise Integration > Certificate Authorities from the drop-down list.
  2. Click the Request Templates tab and click Add.
  3. Enter the following information for the template:




    A valid name for the certificate template

    Description (optional)

    Description of the template

    Certificate Authority

    The certificate authority added earlier

    Issuing Template

    Name of the user template created in the CA server

    Subject Name

    To add the Subject Name, keep the cursor on the value field (after the default value 'CN='), and click the '+' button, and select the appropriate email address

    Private Key Length


    Private Key Type

    Select Signing

    SAN Type

    Click Add and choose User Principal Name

    Automatic Certificate Renewal (optional)


    Enable Certificate Revocation (optional)


    Publish Private Key (optional)

  4. Click Save.