You can modify the NIC settings such as the IP address and the IP allocation mode for the configured NICs from the admin UI.

About this task

Note the following limitations when you modify the NIC settings:

  • IPv4 is the only supported IP mode, IPv6 is not supported.

  • When the IP address is changed on a management network IP dynamically, browser redirection is not supported to the new IP address, .

  • When the IP address is changed, all the current sessions in the edge service are lost.

  • When you modify the NIC settings that the administrator interface is currently using, a warning message is displayed that the admin UI might become inaccessible.

  • After you update the IP address, sometimes the VAMI command may fail to assign the new address. In such scenario, the Admin UI redirects to the new IP address with a success notification even though the new IP address is not assigned. However, the old IP address is rolled back and the user can access the Admin UI through the old IP address.


  • Ensure that you have administrator privileges.

  • If you are changing the IP to a static IP address, you must know the address beforehand.


  1. In the admin UI Configure Manually section, click Select.
  2. Under Advanced Settings, click the gearbox icon next to Network Settings.

    A list of configured NICs and their settings is displayed.

  3. In the Network Settings window, click the gearbox icon next to the NIC whose settings you want to change and enter the following information:

    The Static Routes, Netmask, and Gateway text boxes cannot be modified.



    IP Address

    IP address of the NIC. You do not need to specify the IP address if you select Dynamic IP allocation.

    IP Allocation Mode

    Select whether the IP should be allocated statically or dynamically.

  4. Click Save.

    If the settings are changed successfully, a success message is displayed. An error message is displayed if the NIC settings cannot be updated.