If you log in as root to the Unified Access Gateway console with the correct username and password and get a "Login incorrect" error, check for keyboard mapping issues and reset the root password.

About this task

There are several reasons why a login error occurs:

  • the keyboard used does not map certain password characters correctly according to the keyboard definition of Unified Access Gateway

  • the password expired. The root password expires 365 days after deploying the ova.

  • the password was not set correctly when the appliance was deployed. This is a known issue with older versions of Unified Access Gateway.

  • the password has been forgotten.

To test that the keyboard is mapping characters correctly, try entering the password in response to the "Login:" username prompt. This allows you to see each password character and may identify where characters are being misinterpreted.

For all other causes, reset the root password of the appliance.


To reset the root password you must:

  • have login access to vCenter

  • know the vCenter login password

  • have permission to access the appliance console

If you have set up a Grub 2 boot loader menu password for the appliance, you will need to enter this as part of this procedure.


  1. Restart the appliance from vCenter and immediately connect to the console.
  2. As soon as the boot menu displays, press the space bar to disable auto boot.
  3. Use the arrow keys to highlight SLES12 then type e to edit the commands. If you are running Unified Access Gateway 3.1 and have a Grub 2 password set up, enter the username ("root") and the Grub 2 password. The password is set by default and is the same as the root password which you configured when you deployed Unified Access Gateway.

    If you are running another version of Unified Access Gateway, you will not be prompted for the username and password unless you explicitly logged into the console and set the Grub2 password. See About the Grub2 Password for details.

  4. Move the cursor down near the bottom of the displayed text and then up so that it is positioned after the showopts text. .
  5. Enter a space character followed by init=/bin/sh
  6. Press Ctrl-X or F10 to boot the appliance. At the command prompt enter
    1. mount -rw -o remount /
    2. passwd root
  7. Enter a new root password twice.
  8. From vCenter reboot the appliance by powering off and on (power reset).
    • After the appliance boots, log in as root with the newly set password.