VMware Unified Access Gateway is offered in three editions based on the Horizon or Workspace ONE licenses. VMware Unified Access Gateway Standard edition is available with Workspace ONE Standard, VMware Unified Access Gateway Advanced is available with Workspace ONE Advanced, and VMware Unified Access Gateway Enterprise is available with Workspace ONE Enterprise.

You can set the edition while deploying the Unified Access Gateway appliance. You can deploy the Unified Access Gateway appliance by logging in to vCenter Server and using the Deploy OVF Template wizard. For more information, see Deploy Unified Access Gateway Using the OVF Template Wizard. For more information on using PowerShell scripts to deploy Unified Access Gateway, see Using PowerShell to Deploy the Unified Access Gateway Appliance.


Before upgrading to VMware Unified Access Gateway 3.4 using PowerShell, the .INI file used with PowerShell script must be edited to add the appropriate licenseEdition property. Use the latest version of the PowerShell script.

Table 1. Supported features on licensed editions


Supported Features


  • Edge service - Horizon, Content Gateway*, and Tunnel Edge Service.

  • Pass through - No edge authentication.

  • TLS Port sharing.


  • Identity Bridging - Cert and SAML to Kerberos / Headers.

  • DMZ AuthN / Edge auth- user and device auth - Certificate/Smart Card, SecurID, RADIUS.

  • Web Reverse Proxy - without AuthN.

Advanced edition includes the features in the Standard edition.


  • High Availability*

  • End Point Compliance

  • Web Reverse proxy - with AuthN*

Enterprise edition includes the features in the Advanced edition.


* indicates the edition and functionality that are not supported by FIPS version.

Figure 1. Enterprise Edition - Admin UI

Figure 2. Advanced Edition - Admin UI

Figure 3. Standard Edition - Admin UI