You can now configure and add a low-privilege administrator who can perform a limited number of tasks such as read-only operations, system monitoring and so on.

Note: Currently, you can add only one low-privilege administrator to an instance of Unified Access Gateway.


  1. In the admin UI Configure Manually section, click Select.
  2. Under Advanced Settings, select the Account Settings gearbox icon.
  3. In the Account Settings window, click Add.
    The role is automatically set to ROLE_MONITORING.
  4. In the Account Settings window, enter the following information:
    1. A unique user name for the user.
    2. (Optional) Select the Enabled box if you want to enable the user immediately after adding the user.
    3. Enter a password for the user. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long, contain at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter, one digit, and one special character, which includes ! @ # $ % * ( ).
    4. Confirm the password.
  5. Click Save.


The administrator you added is listed under Account Settings.

What to do next

The low-privilege administrator can log in to the system to change the password or perform monitoring tasks.