Create a virtual service with the Unified Access Gateway server's VIP. This is the VIP to which the client devices connect.


  1. From the Avi Vantage UI, navigate to Applications > Virtual Services.
  2. Click Create Virtual Service > Advanced Setup.
  3. In the Select Cloud window, select the cloud which belongs to the VMware vCenter/vSphere ESX cloud infrastructure type.
    The cloud infrastructure type is configured as part of Avi Controller deployment.
  4. In the New Virtual Service window, configure the virtual service.
    1. Enter the virtual service name.
    2. Enter the VIP address.
    3. In Services, enter the port number as 443.
    4. For the port number 443, select the SSL checkbox.
      SSL is enabled for port 443.
    5. Select the Application Profile as System-Secure-HTTP.
    6. Select the Pool that was created previously for Unified Access Gateway.
    7. Select the SSL Profile as System-Standard.
    8. Select the SSL certificate that was installed previously.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Navigate to Advanced tab.
  7. Click Save.

What to do next

Access web reverse proxy by using the VIP.