OPSWAT MetaAccess on-demand agent is an OPSWAT client. This agent can be used as an alternative to running the OPSWAT MetaAccess persistent agent, which runs continuously on an endpoint when installed on the endpoint. Hence, the on-demand agent provides an option of running the agent only when needed.

OPSWAT MetaAccess has two types of clients: on-demand agent and persistent agent.

The persistent agent is installed on each endpoint by the user and keeps running continously on the endpoint after installation.

In case of the on-demand agent, after successful user authentication, the agent is automatically downloaded from Unified Access Gateway and run by the Horizon Client.
Note: The download occurs only if the Horizon Client does not have the same version of the on-demand agent that exists on Unified Access Gateway.

Administrators can upload the on-demand agent executable files for Windows and macOS on Unified Access Gateway.

To upload the agent to Unified Access Gateway, see Upload OPSWAT MetaAccess on-demand agent Software on Unified Access Gateway.

For more information about the persistent agent and on-demand agent, see the relevant OPSWAT documentation.