To use the Unified Access Gateway high availability, you enable and configure the High Availability Settings in the admin user interface.


  1. In the admin UI Configure Manually section, click Select .
  2. In the Advanced Settings section, click the High Availability Settings gearbox icon.
  3. In the High Availability Settings page, change DISABLED to ENABLED to enable high availability.
  4. Configure the parameters.
    Option Description
    Virtual IP Address A valid virtual IP address used by HA.

    The Virtual IP address used for HA must be unique and available. If a unique address it not set, then the IP address might show as assigned but it might not be reachable if a VM or physical machine is associated to the IP address.

    Group ID The Group ID for the HA. Enter a numerical value between 1-255.

    The Group ID must be unique in a given subnet. If a unique Group ID is not set, the effect might result in an inconsistent virtual IP address assigned in the group. For example, if an IP address of two or more gateways on Unified Access Gateway might end up trying to acquire the same virtual IP address.

  5. Click Save.
    • The different states of High Availability Settings indicate the following:
    • Not Configured: Indicates High Availability settings are not configured.
    • Processing: Indicates High Availability Settings are being processed to take effect.
    • Master: Indicates that the node is elected as the master in the cluster and it distributes traffic.
    • Backup: Indicates that the node is in the backup state in the cluster.
    • Fault: Indicates that the node might have faults with the HA proxy configuration.