You can upload the Unified Access Gateway image with PowerShell. The image can be imported and registered to other regions as well if required.


  1. Download the Unified Access Gateway .ova image file from VMware. The version of this file must be 3.5 or later.
  2. Extract the .vmdk image from the .ova file.
    expand-7zip C:\uag\euc-unified-access-gateway-x.y.0.0-12345678_OVF10.ova C:\uag\
  3. Upload the .vmdk image into the S3 bucket
    $params = @{
    Write-S3Object @params
  4. Import the EC2 snapshot
    $params = @{
    $impId=Import-EC2Snapshot @params
  5. To track the import, periodically run the following command to obtain progress status.
    Note: The import will take several minutes.
    (Get-EC2ImportSnapshotTask -ImportTaskId `
  6. Once complete, the following command should show the SnapshotId
    (Get-EC2ImportSnapshotTask -ImportTaskId `
  7. Register the Image as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
    $bdm=New-Object Amazon.EC2.Model.BlockDeviceMapping 
    $bd=New-Object Amazon.EC2.Model.EbsBlockDevice 
    $bd.SnapshotId=(Get-EC2ImportSnapshotTask `
    -ImportTaskId $impId.ImportTaskId).SnapshotTaskDetail.SnapshotId 
    $params = @{ 
    Register-EC2Image @params


In AWS Console you should see your imported image in EC2 AMI Images.