This instruction states steps that create an individual truststore for the VMware Adapter in SAP NetWeaver Key Storage Service. The VMware Adapter for SAP LaMa performs the same steps automatically when Administrator deploys it on the AS first time.


  1. Login to the SAP NetWeaver Administrator tool. Select Security on the Configuration tab and click on Certificates and Keys.
    Figure 1. SAP NetWeaver Administrator tool
  2. Open the Key Storage view and click Add View button. The browser displays the New Key Storage View dialog similar to the following:
    Figure 2. Create view
  3. Complete the fields in the dialog, giving the view the name VMware-VASL, and click Create.
    The browser closes the dialog and displays the Key Storage tab with your new view added, similar to the following:
    Figure 3. Key Storage
  4. Switch to the Security tab to configure permission for the view
    Figure 4. Security
  5. Click the Permission per Domain tab and find the adapter application in the Domain list by typing the filter LVM.
    Figure 5. Permissions per Domain
  6. Click on the found JavaEE/VMwareLVM domain.
    Granted code-based permissions for domain "JavaEE/VMwareLVM" pane appears on the bottom of the tab.
  7. Click on the Modify button to grant the permission to the view.
    Figure 6. Modify permissions
  8. Click on the Grant New Permission button. The browser displays the Granting New Keystore Permission dialog. Complete the fields in the dialog by selecting All actions checkbox and VMware-VASL Keystore View. Click OK.
    Figure 7. Creating New Keystore Permission
  9. Click on the Save button.
    Figure 8. Save permission
  10. Undeploy and deploy the VMware Adapter for SAP LaMa again. The created Key Storage view is persistent and should remain in the system after removing the adapter.