VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management 1.7.0 includes fixes for the following known issues:

Virtual machines are not shown in SAP Landscape Management

VMs that belong to a DV Port Group which key doesn't match its MOID are not shown in SAP Landscape Management.

This issue is fixed in this release (1.7)

No possibility to log into the appliance via SSH or console

Users couldn't log into appliance because they used password that does not comply with the complexity rules.

In this release during OVF deployment a temporary console user password is set. This password will be requested to be changed during first login, only at that time will you be required to enter a complex password for the console user.

Provisioning operation fails

Provisioning operation fails when VM template has a virtual Ethernet card that connects to unknown or unsupported network or distributed virtual portgroup. In this release provisioning operations with such VM templates were disabled.