To add a server certificate in the Google Chrome trust store, follow the instruction:


  1. In a Web browser, navigate to the host address of your VLA server dashboard https://<vla_hostname_or_IP>:8443/vla/dashboard or VAMI UI https://<vla_hostname_or_IP>:5480
    Where <vla_hostname_or_IP> is a FQDN or an IP address of VLA server
    Warning will appear
  2. Click on Not secure button at the left side of the URL field
  3. In the dropdown window, choose Certificate (Invalid)
    Figure 1. Not secure connection
  4. Choose the Details tab in the Certificate window
  5. Scroll down and choose Thumbprint entry
    Figure 2. Thumbprint
  6. Check that this thumbprint matches with the one of SHA1 Fingerprints that were got in the Add a Server Certificate for Each VLA Service
    Figure 3. vla-server certificate details
  7. After verifying the certificate, turn back on the web browser page with the privacy warning and click on Advanced button
    Figure 4. Not private connection
  8. Under Advanced section, click on Proceed to <vla_hostname_or_IP> (unsafe)
    Figure 5. Proceed to hostname


The server certificate is added into Google Chrome.
Figure 6. vla-server dashboard authentication