The prerequisite for installing VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management is at least one running instance of vRealize Orchestrator.

The following table lists the information that should be provided for vRealize Orchestrator deployment.

Table 1. Table 1 vRealize Orchestrator Deployment Worksheet
vRealize Orchestrator Input Field Description Value
Hostname The FQDN of the host. Needed for deployment. Example :
Default Gateway Needed for deployment. Example :
DNS Domain Name System Server address. Needed for deployment.
Network 1 IP Address Needed for deployment. Example :
Network 1 Netmask Needed for deployment. Example :
VMware vRealize Orchestrator configuration interface credentials Needed for deployment.



VMware vRealize Orchestrator group The group that VMware vRealize Orchestrator administrators belong to. Accounts that are members of this group are able to log into VMware vRealize Orchestrator. Selected when you configure VMware vRealize Orchestrator authentication.
VMware vRealize Orchestrator credentials A SSO account with administration rights that the VMware vRealize Orchestrator uses to register the VMware vRealize Orchestrator with the Server. Entered when you configure VMware vRealize Orchestrator authentication.
vCenter Server Administrative Credentials To setup and create secondary, less privileged accounts on vCenter Server

After gathering this information, install and configure the vRealize Orchestrator by following Installing and Configuring VMware vRelease Orchestrator Guide.