If you are to upgrade your VLA from a previous version to a later version, you first need to download the ISO file for a later version of VLA as described in this section.


To download the VLA ISO file, you need an account at my.vmware.com, which is free.


  1. Browse to http://www.vmware.com/products/adapter-sap-lvm.html
    The browser displays the page similar to the following:
    Figure 1. VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management Home
  2. Click Download Now (pointed to in the preceding figure).
    The Download Now tab redirects the browser to the login page at my.vmware.com, causing the browser to display a page similar to following:
    Figure 2. My VMware login

  3. Enter your login credentials and Click SIGN IN (pointed to in the preceding figure for emphasis)
    The browser displays the product download page similar to the following (This page shows the details for VLA version 2.0.1. The details for other versions will be slightly different.):
    Figure 3. VLA ISO Download

  4. Click Download Now (pointed to in the preceding figure for emphasis), to download the VLA ISO file.


You have downloaded the VLA ISO file needed for the upgrade. You can now perform the upgrade steps on your VLA.