1. In a Web browser, navigate to the host address of your VLA server dashboard. httpd://<vla_hostname_or_IP>:5480, where <vla_hostname_or_IP> is the FQDN or IP address of VLA.
  2. If there is a prompt with a certificate warning, check certificates and accept/add them if they are ok. A few examples can be found in Add Trusted Certificates in a Browser, for more information, please read the browser documentation and policy.
  3. Login to the VAMI UI using name and password of VAMI administrator which are configured according to instructions in Create VAMI Server User and Password.
  4. Open Edit configuration settings similar to the following:
    1. Click VLA server section.
    2. In the Navigation pane click on the Service configuration section.
      Note: Service configuration does not require vla-server configuration via vla_user.
    3. Click on EDIT button, Edit configuration settings dialog will appear.
      Figure 1. Service configuration
  5. Enable required configurations and click on the SAVE button.
    Figure 2. Edit configuration settings