The root login for the VLA has been removed. A new admin user (non root user with sudo privileges) can be added following the steps below.


  1. Since SSH is disabled by default, login to the VLA console with the console username and password provided during VLA deployment.
    For this purpose, select the VLA object in the vSphere Web Client, switch to the summary tab and select Launch Remote Console. A new browser window or tab with the VLA console should open.
  2. Execute the sudo command to get administrative access.

    sudo –s

    You are prompted to enter console user password.

  3. Use the useradd command to add a new non-root user with sudo privileges. Choose an appropriate username for the new user you are trying to add.

    useradd –m –d /home/<username> -s /bin/bash –c “<description of user account>” –G users,wheel <username>

  4. Set a password for the new user using the passwd command.

    passwd <username>

    You are required to type in the password twice. The recommendation is to choose strong and meaningful passwords.

  5. Enter the exit command to come out of the privileged mode.