VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management (VASLM) 2.0.0 introduced following new features and VASLM 2.0.1 continues to support them :

Datastore cluster support
The feature introduces a support of SDRS-enabled datastore clusters for virtualization landscape and operations in the adapter.
VAMI web interface
This is new web-based management interface to perform basic administrative tasks for the appliance configuration. This interface can run the same tasks as the appliance commands from the command line interface. This interface includes vla-server dashboard functionality.
Network migration
This feature provides the dialog in the SAP LaMa which is used to assign networks to network adapters and allows to migrate virtual machines between networks (disabled by default). The feature introduces a support of NSX-V switches for operations in the adapter as extension of already supported VMware Standard Switch (vSS) and VMware Distributed Switch (vDS) which are also supported by this feature.
vCenter to vCenter migration
The feature allows to migrate virtual machines between non-linked vCenters via LaMa web interface (disabled by default).
VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management (VASLM) 2.0.1 includes the following new features:
Support for LaMa 3 SP17 P1
VASLM 2.0.1 has added support for SAP LaMa 3 SP17 P1 and continues to support previously tested versions.
Version and security updates to JRE, Tomcat and Photon OS
VASLM 2.0.1 uses JRE version 11.0.6, Tomcat version 8.5.58 and the latest version of Photon OS 3.0 available on the release date.

Existing limitations

Note: SAP LaMa blueprints created in the version prior to 2.0 will be incompatible if at least one of the new features such as Datastore cluster support or Network Migration is turned on. SAP LaMa blueprints created in the version 2.0 will be incompatible if the configuration is changed.
Table 1. Existing limitations
Feature Limitations
Datastore cluster support
  • Only SDRS-enabled datastore cluster are supported
  • Empty datastore clusters are prohibited for operations
  • Creation of linked VM is allowed within the same datastore cluster only
VAMI web interface
  • The vla-server dashboard does not work in case of using LDAP (ACTIVE_DIRECTORY) authentication for vla-server
Network migration
  • Not backward compatible with LaMa blueprints which are made for with different VLA configuration or for old versions of VLA which didn’t support network migration
vCenter to vCenter migration
  • vCenter to vCenter Migration is only available for powered off virtual machines
  • Migration of encrypted virtual machines is not supported
  • Migration of a linked clone virtual machine will cause the linked clone to inflate to a full cloned, no longer linked virtual machine