Log configuration menu is available in SAP NetWeaver Administrator — Troubleshooting -> Logs and Traces -> Log Configuration.

You can also navigate to — Related Links & Help -> SAP NetWeaver Administrator Tools ->Log Viewer.
Figure 1. LaMa - Log Viewer
In the log configuration menu there are two configurations — Logging categories and Tracing location
  • Log level is configured at Logging categories
  • Trace level is configured at Tracing location
In Logging categories there is a configuration for the whole adapter —
  • Located in Applications/LVM/InfrastructPlugins
In Tracing location, trace level is configured for each package separately —
  • For VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management it is com.vmware.vlvma.*

VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management log and trace messages begin with prefix VLVMA, hence they can be easily filtered in LaMa Log Viewer.