Following are some of the Errors that you may encounter along with the possible reasons —
  1. Error — peer not authenticated [SSLPeerUnverifiedException]. This could occur during a connection test or infrastructure retrieval.
    • Possible reasons are invalid vLA server certificate, disabled Trusted Server option, or a certificate that was changed after the adapter configuration.
      Figure 1. Error — Failed to Connect to Manager
  2. Error — Could not execute operation ***
    • Possible reasons are —
      • VMware vRealize Orchestrator is unavailable.
        • Check the state of the VMware vRealize Orchestrator server.
      • An overloaded VMware vRealize Orchestrator
        • Check the CPU and Memory utilization for the VMware vRealize Orchestrator server.
  3. Error — Could not execute operation ***. Workflow not found
    • Figure 2. Error —Workflow Not Found
      Possible reasons for the error — Workflow unavailable on VMware vRealize Orchestrator
      • Check the workflow status in the vLA dashboard - https://<vla_hostname>:8443/vla/dashboard.
      • Check the workflow availability on the VMware vRealize Orchestrator.
      • Reinstall the VMware vRealize Orchestrator package or correct the vLA config file.
  4. All actions are unavailable for Virtual Host in Operations / Virtualization. The Details property field shows up the virtual host status as disconnected under the Virtual Host tab.
    • Figure 3. Virtual Host - Disconnected
      Possible reason — ESXi host unavailable
      • Check the ESXi host status on the VMware vCenter Server™. Make it available to the VMware vCenter Server™.
  5. VMware vCenter Server™ is not displaying in the LaMa Adapter.
    • Possible reason for the error — VMware vCenter Server™ unavailable to the vLA.
      • Check the status of the VMware vCenter Server™ in the vLA dashboard. Make the VMware vCenter Server™ available to the vLA
        • Connected / Not ready — means that the vLA is unable to fetch the inventory data from the VMware vCenter Server™ or the inventory data retrieval is in progress.
          Figure 4. Errors —Not Ready/Configuration Missing
        • Not Connected / Not ready — means that the vLA is unable to connect to the VMware vCenter Server™.
          Figure 5. Errors —Not Connected/Not Ready
  6. Error — HTTP Status Code 401
    • Figure 6. Error - Could Not Authenticate
      Possible reasons — The adapter was configured with the wrong credentials (username or password) or hostname. Password on the vLA Server was changed after adapter configuration.
      • Correct the password to the application server or reset it to a known password on the vLA with the vla_user command.
  7. Alert —Unsupported network is configured on one of the network adapters.
    • Figure 7. Unsupported Network Alert
      Possible reasons — vSphere Distributed Switch Uplink is assigned as a network to VM or assigned network is related to unsupported third-party switch (neither vSS nor vDS switch).
      • Re-assign networks for network adapters on VM. Assign only networks related to vSphere Standard Switch or vSphere Distributed Switch Portgroup.
  8. Monitoring Error in LaMa Virtualization pane —
    Figure 8. Monitoring Error

    Possible reason — You are using an older version of the LaMa adapter (1.3.x or older). VLA and LaMa communication protocol version mismatch occurs.

    • Update to the latest version of the LaMa adapter (1.4.0 or higher).