The support of datastore clusters in the product enables the relocation of virtual machines to SDRS-enabled datastore clusters.

A datastore cluster is a collection of datastores. Datastore clusters aggregate storage resources as with clusters of ESXi hosts.

vSphere Storage DRS (SDRS) provides initial placement and ongoing balancing recommendations to datastores in a Storage DRS-enabled datastore cluster.

From the perspective of SAP LaMa virtualization landscape, SDRS-enabled datastore cluster is an abstracted datastore, so datastore clusters have the same type as usual standalone datastores. They appear in the landscape view as the Data Store virtualization entities.

If the datastore cluster support feature is on, datastores that belong to SDRS-enabled datastore cluster are not shown in the virtualization landscape - only the datastore cluster appears.

If the feature is off, datastores that belong to SDRS-enabled datastore cluster are shown and there is not the datastore cluster in the virtualization landscape.

For datastore cluster entities, a value of the general property Vendor-Specific Type is Datastore Cluster (SDRS).
Figure 1. Datastore cluster properties - general
The virtualization entity that corresponds to datastore cluster has an additional property called Backing datastores. The property contains a list of datastores that are in the datastore cluster.
Figure 2. Datastore cluster properties - additional

If VM resides on a datastore cluster, then migrating the VM without changing its current location does not trigger the relocation of the VM across datastores within the datastore cluster due to SDRS balancing.