The vla_user_property command line tool allows to manage configurations of the VLA.

Each of configurations has its own property with true/false value in vla_user_property. All connections are shown in Configuration properties.

Table 1. Configuration properties
Feature Property Default Value
Datastore cluster support true
Network migration false
vCenter to vCenter migration false

Setting property to true value activates the feature and setting to false deactivates it.

Activate feature.

vla_user_property -s -p <configuration_property> -v true

Where <configuration_property> is one of properties from Configuration properties.

For example:

vla_user_property -s -p -v true

Deactivate feature.

vla_user_property -s -p <configuration_property> -v false

vla_user_property -s -p -v false

Retrive feature status.

vla_user_property -g -p <configuration_property>

vla_user_property -g -p

Note: Feature vCenter to vCenter migration requires feature Network migration to be activated.