Note: Take a snapshot of the VLA before proceeding with the upgrade.
Once you have taken the snapshot of the VLA, execute the following steps to do the VLA upgrade:


You are running a stable VLA system and have decided to upgrade it to a newer version


  1. SSH to VLA system using appropriate credentials and verify the current version of the VLA using the vla_user command. For example:

    # sudo -s

    <username> password:

    # vla_user -V

    vla_user <version>


  2. Change directory to /system2 on the VLA.
  3. Copy the VLA ISO file that you will use to upgrade your existing VLA from into the /system2 directory.
  4. Execute the sys_software_update script to initiate the upgrade process. Specify the ISO file that you copied into the /system2 directory that will be used for the VLA upgrade. For example:

    # sys_software_update -f ./VLA_PHOTON-<VLA version>-<buildnumber>-updaterepo.iso

    A snapshot of this system should be done before executing a software update.

    Has a snapshot of this system been created?



    Software update was successful.

    Reboot the system, then update the vRO workflows.

    Please look in the official documentation for information about update/install workflows package


  5. Execute the reboot command.
    Note: Connection to the host will get closed due to the reboot. Once the VLA is up, try to SSH to it using the credentials you used previously in this section in step 1.
  6. This is an optional step applicable only for the configuration with the vRO. Update the orchestrator workflows following the reboot of the VLA as follows:
    vla_vro_package -i
  7. To enable the SA-API, perform the following steps:
    1. Add VLA to the credentials store using the vla_credentials script using the following command:
      vla_credentials -a -s vla -n -u exampleuser
      where you have substituted example values with actual ones. The "-f" flag may be specified, if provided hostname does not match subject's CN in certificate.
    2. Add LaMa to the credentials store using the vla_credentials script as follows:
      vla_credentials -a -s lvm -n -u Administrator -P http:50000
      where you have substituted example values with real ones.
  8. Update SAP LaMa Virtualization manager for VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management product.


Upon completing the previous steps, you should have upgraded the VLA from an old version to a newer version